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Car And Motorcycle Wreckers Melbourne is a leading provider of eco-friendly car and motorcycle wrecking services in the Melbourne area. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free and lucrative solution for disposing of your unwanted vehicles.

With years of experience in the industry, our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring a smooth, efficient process for our clients. Our comprehensive range of services includes Cash for Cars Melbourne, Car Removal, Car Disposal, and Cash for Car Wreckers.

At Car And Motorcycle Wreckers, we understand the importance of a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to car and motorcycle disposal. That’s why we offer top dollar for your junk cars, scrap car removal, old car removal, and free towing services. Our state-of-the-art facility guarantees that your vehicle is disposed of safely and responsibly while maximizing the potential value of your scrap.

When you choose Car And Motorcycle Wreckers, you’re not only receiving the best cash offer for your unwanted vehicle but also contributing to a cleaner and greener Melbourne.

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Cash for Cars and Motorcycles in Melbourne

Are you ready to part ways with your car or motorcycle and looking for a quick sale in Melbourne? Look no further! Skip the stress and sell your vehicle quickly with Car and Motorcycle Wreckers!

Contact Call Now at 0466 344 447, and we’ll help you sell your vehicle on the very same day.

We are renowned car and motorcycle wreckers in Melbourne. We give Cash for Cars & do free car removal, Junk Car Removal, unwanted car removal, and salvage car removal. We guarantee top-dollar payouts on the spot.

Interested in a fast quote for your vehicle? Here’s how to get in touch with our evaluation experts:

  • Call us directly at 0466 344 447
  • Fill out our online quote form with your vehicle details
  • Email us all the necessary information at

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to turn your unwanted vehicle into cash effortlessly with Car and Motorcycle Wreckers.

Services We Offer

Unwanted Car Removal

Cash for Cars

Car Wreckers

Free Car Removal

Damaged Car Removal

Scrap Car Removal

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Skip the stress and sell your vehicle quickly with Car and Motorcycle Wreckers!

How does it work?

Is your current car showing signs of wear and tear, urging you to consider an upgrade? Avoid the daunting task of selling it independently and eliminate the need to advertise, handle inquiries, arrange test drives, and negotiate prices. Car and Motorcycle Wreckers offers a seamless and efficient solution, purchasing your vehicle quickly while handling all the paperwork and providing on-the-spot cash. Our Easy Process for Unwanted Vehicle Removal is:

  1. Obtain a Free Quote: Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote by either calling or completing our online form. We will gather essential information about your vehicle to estimate its value. Within 1-2 business days, our team will assess your car’s condition and provide you with a competitive offer.
  2. Schedule Pickup: Once you approve our offer, we will arrange for your vehicle’s pickup. Please have the necessary documentation, such as the title, ready for a smooth process. After your approval, we will promptly collect your car.
  3. Receive Payment: Our Cash for Cars program aims to simplify your life. After agreeing on a price, simply sign over the title and hand us the keys. We will take care of the remaining details, including paying you in full for your vehicle.
  4. Enjoy Complimentary Free Towing: After finalizing the price and signing over the title, our team will handle everything else. This includes paying you the agreed-upon sum, managing paperwork when necessary, and arranging for your car’s towing at no additional cost.

Cash for 4WD Wreckers – Top Dollar for Your Vehicle

Don’t settle for low offers or free removal when it comes to your old or scrap 4WD. We provide competitive payouts for all 4WDs from various manufacturers. If you are located in any Melbourne suburb and looking to sell your 4WD, give us a call at 0466 344 447. Our team will come to you and offer cash for your vehicle.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the best deals for all 4WDs, ensuring that you receive payment on the same day. Choose us for a professional, friendly, and efficient service that values your vehicle and rewards you accordingly.

Cash for 4wd Wreckers -

Get Top Cash Offers for Your Used & Old Cars

Car and Motorcycle Wreckers, as one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers, provides outstanding cash offers for cars, vans, trucks, utes, and 4WDs. We guarantee that our prices are the most competitive in Melbourne’s car market. If you’ve received a better price quote from another company, let us know. We’re confident that we’ll outbid all genuine offers and present you with the highest possible price for your vehicle. Sell your car quickly and effortlessly in the Melbourne region.

Cash for 4WD Wreckers – Top Dollar for Your Vehicle

We at Car and Motorcycle Wreckers understand the hassle of getting rid of an unwanted car. That’s why we offer fast, reliable, and convenient cash for cars services so you can get rid of your vehicle without any stress or extra effort. We provide free car removal and towing services, as well as scrap car removal and old car removal. Get in touch with us today and take advantage of our fantastic service!

Highlights of our services

  • Instant Cash for Cars
  • Free Car Removal Services
  • Hassle-Free Towing
  • Professional Scrap Car Removals
  • Fast, Reliable Service

Discover the Best Deal with Melbourne’s Top Used Car Buyers

Has an old or scrap car taking up valuable space? Don’t let it go for anything! Countless metal companies may offer to remove your vehicle without giving you a fair deal, but we’re here to change that. We value your car and believe you deserve to be rewarded with attractive cash offers.

Call us at 0466 344 447 to find out just how much you can earn from your old or scrap car. Don’t settle for less, we guarantee top prices and excellent service.

  • 100% Guaranteed Top Price: We ensure the best deals for your old or used car, making sure you get the most out of your vehicle’s worth.
  • 100% Environmental Green: We care about the environment and are committed to eco-friendly practices in our car removal process.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is our top priority. We strive to provide a seamless, efficient, and friendly experience every time.

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today and turn your old car into cash with Melbourne’s premier used car buyers!

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Get Rid of Your Wrecked Car or Motorcycle in Melbourne with Convenient Free Towing!

Get Rid of Your Wrecked Car or Motorcycle in Melbourne with Convenient Free Towing!

Are you looking for a reliable way to get rid of that old and wrecked car or motorcycle taking up space in your driveway? Want an easy and convenient solution for free towing? Look no further, we have the perfect option for you right here.

We understand how stressful it can be to own an old, unwanted car. Not only are they expensive to maintain and repair, but they take up valuable space in your driveway and garage. That’s why we offer free towing services for all our customers, so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of your vehicle anymore! Here are just a few reasons why free towing is so helpful:

  • It saves you time and money. You don’t have to pay someone to tow away your car when we do it for free.
  • It makes the process of disposing of your car much more convenient. No more worrying about finding a tow truck or paying for one yourself.
  • It allows you to get rid of your car quickly and easily. We’ll arrive at your location and haul away your vehicle with no hassle.
  • It keeps your property tidy. With your car gone, you won’t have to look at an eyesore taking up space in your driveway or garage.

At Car and Motorcycle Wreckers, we make the process of getting rid of an unwanted car as simple as possible. Our experienced team will provide fast and reliable service so you can say goodbye to your old car without any stress.

Sell your car for cash

Old Cars Turned to Gold – Instant Cash Awaits!

Are you tired of that rusty eyesore in your garage? Worry no more, for Car and Motorcycle Wreckers have the perfect solution!

We offer “Instant Cash for Old Cars”“. The one-stop solution for all your vehicle disposal needs. We buy cars, vans, trucks, Utes, and 4WDs of all domestic and foreign makes, whether they’re Japanese, European, or local manufacturers. From Audi to Volvo, we’ve got you covered!

Why choose us? Unlike other companies that lure you with high quotes only to pay less after inspection, we believe in transparency and fairness. With us, you get instant cash for your used and scrap cars on the spot and on the same day. No gimmicks, no delays just good, honest business.

But wait, there’s more! When you sell your old car to us, we offer free towing and pickup services. That’s right, no extra fees or hidden charges. Just a seamless and hassle-free experience that leaves you with a pocket full of cash and a garage full of possibilities.

We offer our services across Melbourne and all Melbourne suburbs. The benefits of our free car pickup service are just a call away. Don’t let that old car collect dust any longer. Reach out to us today, and we’ll turn your old car into instant cash!

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Scrap Cars Removal – Get Rid of Your Old Vehicle Today!

At Car and Motorcycle Wreckers, we understand the importance of getting rid of your old car or motorcycle in an eco-friendly way. That’s why our scrap car removal service is perfect for anyone located in Melbourne who needs to free up some space in their garage and do their part for the environment.

Our team can come to you and take away your unwanted vehicle quickly and efficiently. We’ll even pay cash on the spot so you have one less thing to worry about. Plus, all vehicles are handled with care and processed according to industry standards. So if you’re looking to get rid of that old clunker, Car and Motorcycle Wreckers has got you covered.

Why Choose Car and Motorcycle Wreckers for Scrap Car Removal?

Are you looking to get rid of your old, non-running car quickly and safely? If so, then Car and Motorcycle Wreckers are the perfect choices for you. We provide free towing and pay cash for your junk vehicle, making it an easy and stress-free process. Here’s why we’re a great option:

  1. Our experienced team will take care of all the paperwork for you.
  2. We offer same-day service in most cases.
  3. You’ll receive top dollar for your scrap car.

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Things to do before selling an old car for cash in Melbourne

At Car and Motorcycle Wreckers Melbourne, we value your business and want to ensure a smooth transaction when you sell your car to us. We often find that customers unintentionally leave personal items behind in their vehicles. While we make every effort to inspect the cars upon arrival at our collection center, we cannot guarantee the return of any misplaced belongings. To help you prepare for the sale of your car, here are five essential steps to keep in mind:

  1. Remove any spare keys from the vehicle.
  2. Collect all CDs and DVDs from the car’s entertainment system.
  3. Retrieve E-tags to avoid any future toll charges.
  4. Double-check for cash or credit cards left in compartments or storage areas.
  5. Secure any valuable items, such as jewelry, that may be in the car.

If you happen to forget something, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to inspect your vehicle thoroughly before processing it further. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to assist you throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Car and Motorcycle Wreckers, we take pride in offering seamless cash-for-cars solutions with a touch of professionalism and friendliness. Our complimentary car removal service ensures a hassle-free experience, as we come directly to your location to retrieve your vehicle while providing cash in return. Our straightforward car removal process ensures a smooth transaction. To receive a personalized quote, kindly reach out to us via phone or complete our user-friendly online form. We look forward to serving you!

Experience the advantages of choosing Car and Motorcycle Wreckers for your car removal needs:

  • Complimentary car removal
  • Instant cash for your vehicle
  • Stress-free, streamlined process

At Car and Motorcycle Wreckers, we take pride in offering a seamless and effortless car removal experience. With our competitive cash-for-cars program, you have an added incentive to entrust us with your vehicle removal needs. As a dependable and reputable company, our primary goal is to deliver exceptional service tailored to the unique requirements of each customer. Partner with us for a truly satisfying experience!

To receive a quote for your vehicle, simply call us at 0466 344 447 or email us at or simply fill out the online quote form. We offer top dollar for cars in any condition and will be happy to provide you with a fair price.

We accept a wide range of vehicles, including junk cars, scrap cars, old cars, trucks, and SUVs. We provide free towing and pay cash for your vehicle, regardless of its condition.

We responsibly recycle the parts from the junk vehicles we acquire to ensure that we don’t contribute to landfills. Our eco-friendly recycling process allows us to provide a valuable service for our customers while minimizing environmental impact.

Our operating hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Feel free to contact us during these hours to schedule your vehicle removal or to request a quote.